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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Skye Direct are taking climate action through Weaver.

Weaver CSR

We have committed to a 2-year programme that sets a transparent direction to ensuring we are and will continue to be a sustainable business. This allows us to demonstrate sustainable initiatives, continue to improve our company policies and behaviours across three main focus areas:

CSR Policy

Our 5 Step Goal:

Over the next 2 years Skye Direct will work in partnership with the Weaver programme to deliver the following CSR goals within our business.

CSR Goals

1. Single Use Packaging

Minimise environmental contamination and waste by reducing the amount of single-use plastic and packaging before disposal.

2. Sustainable Products

Improve the sustainability of your overall supply chain by introducing more sustainable products into your offering.

3. Social Responsibility

Create a positive social impact for your employees and your wider community through engagement and action.

Through the Weaver programme, Skye Direct will be committing business resources through our Sustainability Champions to form a sustainability strategy enabling us to express our passion for contributing to wider social issues, beyond basic business interests. The programme also allows the business to be in touch with the latest government legislation and SBTI’s, always keeping plans and policies relevant.

The Weaver certification will allow Skye Direct to recognise their impact across the committed five key sustainability areas and provides a framework towards real action, tangible impact, and measurable results.

Skye Direct will actively take responsibility for its employees’ well-being and career development, as well as supporting and engaging with our local community on a regular basis.

• We will demonstrate setting intent, taking action and measuring success in this area.

• Measuring our business’s contribution to social responsibility, both internally and externally, is vital to understanding where we need to take action to improve the Social Responsibility of our business, and to track our progress over time.

• Reviewing our success and identifying priority areas for improvement will be vital to taking action in the right areas and having a material impact.

1. Our Environment

To achieve long-lasting change we are working collaboratively across our companies operations, employees, supply chain and customers, challenging everyone to make a stand to protect our natural environment for the security of future generations.

2. Our Commuity

This ranges from donations of employee time, products and finance via fundraising across the UK, sponsoring local youth sports teams through to provision of employment and service contracts in the localities where we operate. We take pride in inclusive and active engagement across the UK, wherever possible to support those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

3. Our Supply Chain

Given the variety and volume of products sold by Skye Direct, the number of suppliers and the array of customers across the UK, it is no surprise that Supply Chain forms a most significant part of our economic, social and environmental footprint. Skye Direct along with our suppliers are committed to ensuring a robust and diverse supply base, with whom we work collaboratively to bring about innovation in product, packaging and delivery on an ongoing basis.

4. Our People

Thriving colleagues make for a great working environment and a fantastic customer experience, so it’s in our interests to continually improve. Providing the right working conditions to ensure wellbeing and engagement is underpinned by a culture of safety and access to the right training and development. Furthermore, our ethos is to encourage a workplace of support, respect and tolerance helping us to retain and attract the right people.

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