Small Office Spaces


Small Office Spaces - office furniture supplier Yorkshire

Small Office Spaces – office furniture supplier Yorkshire

In an ideal world we would all work in large, modern, airy offices designed to a high specification by an interior designer, kitted out with modern technology integrated into daily lives.

In truth, many of us don’t have the luxury of working for a business which is able to provide that solution, particularly those of us who work for smaller businesses or work from home for periods of time. More often than not, we are restricted by the amount of space that’s available to us and we can find ourselves fighting for every inch of our desk. However, just because we are limited, it doesn’t mean we can’t be clever with our space in order to achieve a harmonious, happy place in which to work.

When designing a small workspace, it is easy to make timid choices, avoiding big bold colours and designs in fear of “shrinking” an already limited space. Admittedly, it wouldn’t be practical to shoehorn a massive ornate carved oak desk into a bright red box room. But, that doesn’t mean you have to have a child size desk and everything painted in magnolia.

When designing your small office space, you can make bold design choices, but keep them limited. Use one or two bold designs in an otherwise minimalist space. Colour plays a big part in creating an atmosphere in an office. But don’t go all out. Stick to one wall or one key item that contains bold colours. If you don’t want to paint a wall, consider a bright print or a bold piece of furniture.

Accentuate current features…

If your space has a great window or original feature, try to emphasise it. It could make a great design feature with minimal effort and won’t be too overpowering.


Lighting is not only key for a small workspace to give the impression of space, lighting can also have huge health benefits. Make use of natural light as best you can. Don’t clutter windows, ensure they’re clean and use light coloured fabrics to optimize the light coming into the room. Where natural light isn’t an option, ensure you have good lighting installed throughout. Good lighting is imperative for certain tasks and ensure you have subdued backlighting on monitors for reduced eye strain.


The nemesis of any office or workspace is clutter! Even the smallest amount of clutter will give the impression of chaos and reduce the feeling of space. Invest in clever storage and organisers. Try to go paperless as best you can. Research compact office equipment that compliments the space available to you.

Haven’t got time to put in the research?

Panic not! Skye Direct have researched some of the newest space saving and compact office equipment on the market to help you build your own bijou paradise office space. Our team of office specialists are on hand so give them a call today 0845 8721750