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  • Don’t Let Poor Hygiene Affect Your Business!

    Sick staff cost British firms £77 billion annually in lost productivity*

    Most employers will be aware of the fact that the less sick days taken by employees, the greater the productivity of their employees and business. A clean working environment can improve an employees’ state of mind and overall working satisfaction. With all those hours spent daily in the office, it becomes essential for the environment to be clean and hygienic at all times.

    Our new Germ Control range helps reduce the transfer of germs within your workplace to ensure minimal illness related downtime within your business.
    Did you know that the dirtiest places within the workplace are:

    • 75% of break room sink tap
    • 27% of keyboards
    • 48% of microwave door handles
    • 26% of refrigerator door handles
    • 23% of water fountain buttons
    • 21% of vending machine buttons

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