Creating A Great Company Culture

The fellowship, collaboration and infection energy of a college campus are exactly what you need at your company.


A happy work place make a more creative and productive, successful business. Less stress and fun friendly atmosphere also makes happy workers. There are many factors that will influence employees happiness at work however there is only one thing connecting them all COMPANY CULTURE. The healthy restaurant chain Sweet green which started out as a college friendship that proudly speaks of its informal culture that’s built around six primary values by doing what’s right and making an impact on people both internally and externally of the company.

New company chains should spend time and effort working out how to build the right culture for its company and should follow Sweet greens example as they are now well on their way and realizing their ambition to becoming the Starbucks of salads. When doing so they might not realize that they already have the understanding they need to make their start ups a great place to work, thanks to their time at college.

College ties

Studying can be done almost anywhere home, a park or maybe even a favourite coffee shop wherever inspires you. However studying at the college/university itself can also have it benefits because of the uplifting nature of its space and the spirit of the action of working with someone to produce something together with a hands on focus and be challenged on opinions voiced and above all learning form others around you.

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Collaborative culture

When creating company culture voices need to be heard in order for them to be heard you need spaces where small groups can get together to discuss ideas. When creating meeting places try an environment focused on learning and experimentation, not ego and rules. At a college / university everyone is one the same path to achieve goals however this will not stop students from wanting to be the best, however the benefits are to teach individuals to learn and share.


All the best companies are the ones with happy workers and employees that like attending work because they enjoy the company of their co workers. The workplace atmosphere is more important than hiring people with the exact skills and experience required. Try to focus more on people’s passion and talent because retraining is always an option. Also if you run the company take responsibility and keep the workplace atmosphere as it should be, take every interview yourself, look out for positive thinkers and problem solvers while embracing variety but disregarding egoists let them work elsewhere! It might get harder to maintain the atmosphere as the company expands.

Everything is design

When you get opportunity to craft your own space and invest in culture through your office design it’s important to remember that there is space that can be devoted to the task or purpose for the whole of the team to get together. If you fine some areas of the workplace been isolated intentionally relocate them to a more communal area. Different departments will likely overlap. And have multiple spaces for meetings some public and some semi private. Shared meeting places will encourage creativity, a group of workers with different functional expertise working towards a common goal and knowledge sharing; all these speed up decision making.

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Contagious energy

A lively environment makes workdays a joy but can also be a pain when you need to focus. The phrase “parallel play” was first created by a sociologist in the 1930sto describe the stage of childhood development when a child plays alone but also close to others, so the other children can observe and maybe adapt their own activity. When surrounded by (adult) colleagues in a thriving, energetic environment helps all feel they’re driving toward the same destination at the same time that they have enough separation to focus on the task at hand.

Allow hands to “get dirty”

All businesses want the attraction of a hi-tech environment with digital output been essential, however focusing on craft, materials and a tactical environment is just as important.                 Because technology can solve a problem it doesn’t mean it should be the solution.

Out of office

Do research in a library or watch a film for reference maybe even go for a walk to get inspiration or just sit quietly and watch the world go by while been at the core of your thoughts trying for that good idea. You will find your inspiration in the most unexpected places, a good respectful and passionate team won’t need to be constantly watched so let them find their own inspiration and allow them to go off site from time to time.

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Away days

It’s important to have days off away from the work place so you can unwind it’s important that on these days you don’t let work creep in you back door and take over , just make sure all clients know days off are an important part of culture and that you will be closed for business on these days.

Extracurricular activities were the main part of how students formed bonds at college Bonds should try to be formed at work too. Apart from getting a good education, the reason many people attend college is to have a good time and form significant connections with people they may know for the rest of their lives. The workplace should be no different.

Of course, pranks are made, more drinking than necessary is done and other parts of college life that should be left behind. Then there is the element of size: The bigger a business is, the harder it gets to making sure everything is right, making the process of an HR department increasingly crucial.

But when that time comes, it will be important to set up your HR function in a way that ensures people are treated respectfully,

Always look after your culture the way you would a family member or close friend and make sure every decision is equal for the impact it will have on your team, not just the bottom line.